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Inaugurating my personal homepage

Welcome to kumarabhishek.me! This is the inaugural blog post announcing that the site is live and ready to view. Enjoy reading a little backstory on how this came along below:

This domain was registered back in 2016. As I had a website for two years already at The Embedded Kitchen, there was no pressing need to create another one. The other track I had been contemplating for quite a while was static websites - I was hosting my website with Wordpress. Jekyll was quite popular at that time, and Hugo and Hexo were coming along. What I felt lacking was a template that would suit my needs of the website. I kept coming back to the idea of the website more or less every year after that but it would get deferred due to other pressing tasks, or the absence thereof.

Last year, I created a static website in Hugo using the hugo-book theme, called “100 Days of FPGA and Digital Design” and I really liked the flow and felt that it had reached a state where I could easily switch from WordPress to Hugo and not miss features like analytics (I could use a self-hosted version of Fathom analytics). For commenting, I see the availability of Commento as a solution that I would integrate here very soon besides Fathom for analytics.

Fast forward another 4 years, locked inside my home during the current series of world events, I am reviewing the themes in Hugo and I come across the Academic theme and the Docsy theme, and I considered both for my next project (which I will describe in the next blog post). What I liked about Academic is that it was specifically designed for this application and when I installed it to create demo content, I found it easier to wrap around than Docsy, and with features like Publications, Slides, Courses, Documentation content types it could cater to almost any content I could create and host (huge props to the Academic theme creator and its community for having come up with this extremely feature-rich theme!). So over a period of a week or so, I chipped away slowly at the default content website, shaping it and moving things around to arrive at the layout that you are currently seeing.

Content you can expect to see

Over time, I will fill in this website with (and either check or strike out items in the task list below once I implement it / decide not to implement it):

  • My personal portfolio (migrated over from The Embedded Kitchen)
  • Project Showcase (part of the portfolio?)
  • Things I’ve been working on, project ideas, finished/unfinished
  • Books I’ve read and my brief summary of every one of them
  • Photo gallery
  • Video/Audio tracks of me singing/playing the piano

As of today I am pretty happy with how this website has come out so far. Feel free to browse around.

Kumar Abhishek
Kumar Abhishek
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Software, Circuits, Books and Notes.