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Daily logs from myself

It’s interesting how one thing leads to another on the internet. In an average day in my personal exploration time, there’s a lot of material (both technical and non-technical) I come across, mostly on Twitter which has been my primary source of news and reading who’s up to what. Some of which I bookmark and keep for future reading but there have been times when I wanted to retrace the steps I took to locate particular materials or where I came across what.

The second reason to start this is to document my learning efforts - which I also did in the 100 Days Of FPGA self-learning effort that did not go as planned and tapered off in just 41 days. I hope this time I can keep the streak going up to an extent that it can then continue automatically and become a part of my everyday schedule. And not just restrict it to FPGAs but other things I want to learn this year, such as Augmented Reality technologies, Neural Networks, Rust and the like (for a more comprehensive list, see the Daily Log)

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Kumar Abhishek
Kumar Abhishek
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