Next chapter of my career

It’s been a few weeks since I now work as a Software Engineer at Google after having worked as a Systems Applications Engineer at Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) for 3 years. At the outset I’d like to thank both of them for making their onboarding and offboarding processes and logistics remote and painless during these times. I am grateful for the opportunity to have started my professional career with ADI where I got to contribute and be a part of my team’s success and I wish them the very best.

On my first day with Google again, I was reminded of the feeling of wonder I first felt when I stepped into the Googleplex, Google’s Mountain View campus as an intern in 2016. The camaraderie, the Noogler hats flying, the selfies… Even though how the world currently is means that it didn’t happen this way this time around, it didn’t lessen my excitement as I met my new team virtually and onboarded.

Not a day has passed by since when I haven’t learnt anything new. Every organization carries within itself a tradition of institutional knowledge and processes that are to be internalized in order to be able to work effectively, and when it comes to a company that has it’s mission to organize all of the world’s information and make it searchable, it’s a totally different scale is all I can say about my experience so far.

The cost of working with software at an intimate level for me that I’ve realized is a higher-than-usual screen time and 110% utilization of my available bandwidth for learning new things. Because my personal projects are also done on a screen, albeit a different one, there is negative balance bandwidth available for them so there will be very little progress on those fronts, but I’ll still continue writing here on topics dear to me [EDIT: check out recently written my experience on learning coding as 9-year old. Why? because teaching kids how to code is in the news these days. I did it, so just thought I would share my experience]

Kumar Abhishek
Kumar Abhishek
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