Daily Log - 30th August 2020

After my laptop has returned from service, I have tried to make it stress test and thermal throttle itself as much as it can, and so far it has held itself pretty well than it was before, and I consider this a good sign. Today’s test was to complete a build while being connected to a 4K display, and there was no performance degradation observed.

Project Idea: USB PD Terminator / shut off device

Considering that today’s docks and external displays that run over Thunderbolt 3/USB-C have the capability to charge devices, I think it’s useful to also have the capability to not charge/shut off charging on demand. And in order to do this, I could probably build a tiny pass-through device that terminates the PD capability. I don’t know yet the extent and scope of work required to make this, but I’ll work it out - it’d be useful to extend the battery life on devices by having the capabilty to shut off charging at 80%. No more swollen batteries due to overcharge.

I’ll probably start digging through notebook schematics that have Thunderbolt 3 to get an idea of the connections, especially because I want TB3 to work by design - and expect that all other applications will gradually fall in place.